Tuesday, 12 November 2013

You look washed out, son...

I am convinced that models look much better in black and white, so having finally realised that I can use Paint like I used to use Photo Editor, I gave it a go.

Here is Tony Moss's office so treated.
And the motorbike shop, now sharpened a little and B&W'd.
I'm not a lover of colour!


  1. Tony Moss's office looks great. I love the doors, particularly. Yes, I agree, I love the old black and white treatment.

  2. Iain, the doors are now even worse! This was over 20 years ago. He has now closed the garage because of EU rules about petrol tanks and also because even in the sleepy village of Upwell, he has suffered an amazing degree of vandalism and theft, so is now redeveloping the site, but he still does repairs in the workshop and works in the office, despite the fact that the soldier course of bricks over the window is completely fallen down and out!