Saturday, 19 August 2017

Where did you last see it?...

If I knew that it wouldn't be bloody lost would it?
Why do people ask that stupid question?  I last saw it in the corner of a caravan that is now a pile of junk, dismantled and waiting to go to the scrapyard, so was it really there? I doubt it.

I have recently misplaced  two blowtorches, a Calor, my old retainer, never went wrong in years and a Rothenburger that I bought to replace the Calor when the latter went seriously missing for ages.  I need to do some brass softening and silver soldering, but on giving up with the search and buying a nice old Taymor off ebay I find that that is no better than the Silverline I repiped, thinking it was the Rothenberger, only to find it was the one that Silverline told me to throw away and they'd refund my money, which they did. How the hell did the Silverline appear on my bench?!  And why would the Taymor do the same....big licky yellow flame and no blue?
A further search found nothing so I ordered a new handle and burner and we'll start again.  I did however, find a load of good hose so I needn't have spent a fiver on 2 metres of new hose yesterday. Because that was a bit on the big side I made an enlarged adaptor on the lathe to take the bigger bore, but to no avail.  Now I have to wait till Wednesday for the courier to bring the new one on the back of his squeaky bicycle from a distribution depot in the Badlands, West of Mordror or some equally forbidding place in the midst of nowhere.
Then and only then will a) I be able, I hope, to make a silver solder joint and b)find the previous two torches which I know will work better than the new one.

Anyone want a Taymor "vintage"?