Wednesday, 27 October 2010

And another little Hitler

Today, after "she slept on it", a faceless woman who runs an RSPCA rescue centre in Eubrink, near Kings Lynn, Norfolk, called Penny Skate, refused to let us have a Shar-Pei puppy, "because we live in a mobile home".

This stuck up female, who has no idea of how we live, absolutely refused a home visit for no reason.
We are approved by the Shar-Pei Club of Great Britain as re-homers. We currently have a Shar-Pei, a dog reckoned to have a usual life span of 8 years, in her 12th year. We have had her and two other dogs in our house, then on our canal boat, then in a 10ft caravan at a boat yard and currently in a very large, comfortable static mobile home. The dogs are spoiled, cosseted and immensely happy. Our Lurcher, rescued from death a day or two later if we hadn't have had him, was a stray on the streets, but we brought him round to be a lovely family dog who we had and loved for over 16 years.

This ghastly woman has assumed that we were unemployed because I don't go out to work, she assumed that we rent our home, we don't, we paid outright for it and without a home visit, which she refused, how can she possibly know what circumstances we live in. We, in fact, have over an acre of fully fenced and gated land with a large house also on the property which the dogs have complete run of.

They each have their own beds and favourite places. Archie's is the bottom of OUR bed!

We have not had the courtesy of a return call following a reasonable message informing her that the RSPCA, her bosses, have no objection to "mobile homes" and wouldn't dream of judging anyone until a home check is done.
I have sent an official complaint to the RSPCA who have responded that they have forwarded it to the Eastern Region office, so they must agree with our points.

Because we know someone on the inside, we also know some things about this person that she would clearly rather we didn't!
I will not be judged by some faceless functionary who thinks she can play God with animals' and peoples' lives.
She refused to allow an owner his dog back because he hadn't found the dog inside the arbitrary 8 days before they attempt re-homing. As a disabled man he couldn't afford all the rigmarole. Yet this appalling woman told staff not to mention if certain dogs that are difficult or even nasty, if someone wants them.

None of the normal actions done on dogs have yet been done on Alfie. Why not, I wonder? Has Devil Woman got a friend lined up for a fashionable Shar-Pei, because unfortunately they ARE fashionable, but we just love them. We love all dogs anyway. Our daughter's Westie already prefers our place to the house!

I ask you, do these dogs look hard done by?? More anon.