Friday, 27 November 2015

All finished...

Here's the Heather Bell model with all its bits and bobs.
Except the exhaust and cabin chimney!  How could I forget those?
The weather won't allow painting with self-etch at present.

Now, what'll I do next?...

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

One more day will do it...

The model of Heather Bell now has a finished back cabin/engine 'ole with all doors shown open, hatches and runners, etc.
The cross beams and stands and the mast are all also done, but sitting safely in their relative boxes.
But the engine (a Lister JP2) and its gearbox are done (visible through the engine 'ole doors), as is the back cabin stove

One more day should do it...

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Nearly there now...

The Narrowboat model now has a finished fore cabin and a back cabin/engine 'ole with doors open and hatches.
Also gave the hull its very distinctive half round buffing strips.

Now working on the engine and interior of the back cabin, then floor components of the frames, stands and monkey plank and that'll be it almost done. Paint? the lap of the weather Gods there!

More pics when it's all done.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Heather Bell in miniature...

I have been working on a model of Heather Bell, the 1937 wooden working boat on which we lived for a while from 2003.  I thought it would make sense to use model railway scales as it was most likely to end up on a model set-piece.
There was also a chance a friend might take a mould so the model could be used as a basis for others, like the butty it would have towed sometimes or another wooden boat, built by the prolific Nursers, like HB, but a bit different.  It is made in 4mm-1ft scale and is therefore 280mm long.

Here's the progress so far:-

Made from 60 thou. styrene sheet, with detailing in other thicknesses.  The bow is planked in
styrene sheet, too, but inevitably required a small bit of filler as these bits move a little while the solvent dries.  The bow of these old wooden boats is a lovely shape and that deserved to be shown as well as possible. It's what sets them apart and is so often badly done on other available models.  Not that I would buy a kit anyway!
To my surprise, this all only took three afternoons, 'twixt chores and shopping, etc.  I rarely get going before lunch!
The boat has its correct lining plank, gunnels, internal sheeting called sheering, internal keelson and engine beds.  Being full hull, so that it can be viewed as if empty, a hole will have to be cut in the baseboard to take it.  Accuracy has its price!

Today, because of the foul weather and lack of sleep thanks to a very nervous Shar-Pei called Alfie, I still got the shape tidied, the forecabin and back cabin made, the half round rubbing strips on and have started cutting out doors for the engine 'ole and back cabin's interiors to be seen.
The half round is made by scraping round styrene rod to a half round section and sticking on in their positions.  They make all the difference and I will take more pics tomorrow if the light allows.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Clear the decks...

Well, after 2 years on and off, I finished the De Havilland Dragon Rapide master.  A large and complex model which goes away tomorrow to La Belle France.  The fiddly bits took a long time to set up and make.
These were the last parts needed.  Interplane struts, wheels, tyres, etc.

Also a longish running job, modding a Ferrari 312b F1 car that has languished as an almost generic model for a while, but finally the client decided what version he wanted and that is now done and delivered.
This more or less clears away what was started and paid for before I retired.  From now on I will be doing stuff just for me and hoping to help others with their modelmaking.

That includes a model of our old boat, "Heather Bell".  I thought it would be a bit of a fiddle, but it is almost done after just three afternoons!  More of that when I get some pictures.

In the meantime I sanded down the Marblehead yacht ready for epoxy on what turned out to be the last warm day of the year.  No epoxy work in this damp air, alas.
Chris won me a set of vintage sails for the yacht. Professionally made by the ex Secretary of the august Birkenhead Model Yacht Club.  Perfect period correctness.