Friday, 27 November 2015

All finished...

Here's the Heather Bell model with all its bits and bobs.
Except the exhaust and cabin chimney!  How could I forget those?
The weather won't allow painting with self-etch at present.

Now, what'll I do next?...


  1. Very nice. I've never understood layouts that take great care about just about every feature yet have brio style canal boats stuck on canals with impossible locks.

  2. Thanks, James, me neither. In fact I'm no great fan of railways! They're just an excuse for scenery to me. My big planned layout would have had no movement at all on it, as I think that ruins the impression. I used to produce a series of lineside accessories called Guild Lineside..."the other railway". Just to ram the point home.

  3. Thanks , Iain. BTW, I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but nuttn' happened.

  4. Blogger...harrumph! Thanks anyway :-)

  5. Yeah, it seems to have off-days.