Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Several orderly lines, now...

Have you noticed how apologists for modern technology get so very narky if you question their little babies?

I made the point, on a model forum, that all I ever see are wishy-washy, "Land of Grey and Pink", (pale blue and grey really) impressions of a model, not the actual piece.  Their excuse is they can't afford to have everything they design made. Well why design it then?  Am I suppose to buy something on the strength of a pretty if whispy picture created by the computer?
Well anyone can show a pretty picture of what they hope the thing will look like, but, of course, it never does. It's always covered in lines, steps, interference patterns and all the other problems with 3D printing which, one day, may be corrected, but which, currently, are no better than they ever were and yet they expect us to pay high prices (always in dollars) for this stuff and overlook the appalling finish just because it's "high tech."
Well, I have news for you techies. The highest tech thing you'll ever truly come up against is the human eye and even my old ones tell me all this 3D printed stuff is garbage, unless it's done on very high resolution machines, which take a LONG time and therefore cost a fortune for the finished product.  Heaven knows the ordinary rubbish is expensive enough.

Just because you can sort of do something, doesn't mean you should.

Stereo lithography is a different kettle of fish though, but only just beginning to be affordable.