Thursday, 6 December 2012

How time flies

Such a lot has happened since my last blog.
The main thing is that I secured a part time job at a classic car restorers.
I was taken on to man the new showroom and create a clubroom upstairs. Also to help out in the workshop.  This all started well, but alas, the restoration man didn't want me charging hours to a job that wasn't an earner,  his own 1929 Chevy Special and once that became clear it was always on the cards that I could not find enough work to support my turning up each day. I went in as requested and after three hours was "let go" as people like to say.  I'd hung my last picture and laid my last carpet.  Waxed and "detailed" my last boring big English supercar.
But at least I can now be warm all day if I choose.  At the workplace, the cold was starting to actually affect me. No heating was to be found in the entire place!  Not merely mean, but, I think, illegal.

So, back to amusing myself with my many projects.  Or, thanks to the weather, those which I can do indoors next to the coal stove, when our Shar-Pei, Alfie, allows me my comfy chair next to the table.

More anon, folks.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Ferry 'cross the Mersey

Last week, my wife and I were invited to attend the Graduation of her friend as a Nurse at The Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool.  She had achieved her status at Liverpool John Moore's University over a gruelling 4 years.
This lines up as the first holiday we have had in over 13 years, so we were looking forward to it enormously. And Liverpool, the Wirral and especially Kelly and her family didn't disappoint.  We have never met so many people of such a friendly and helpful disposition.  Everywhere we went we were greeted by smiles and helpfulness.

The train journey was interesting in that it took us through places we'd never been to a City we'd never visited.  Although 5 hours on a two car local with a trolley service for only half the trip was a little inadequate for a 5 hour journey!

The weather could have been better for the graduation itself.  We all got soaked outside the Cathedral, but it was a laugh really and we all dried off in time for the party that evening at Birkenhead Rugby Club.

We had some nice meals with Kelly and her partner and daughter and that was something else we noticed. We never had a meal or even a snack that was even close to ordinary. the food was all excellent, from fancy restaurant to seafront cafe.  It was in such a cafe I enjoyed a superb breakfast while Chris had a tattoo done right next door!  She decided to play "Shock the Kids" and had a pair of hearts done on her shoulder. She was as calm as could be. Very impressive.

By the end of our week, the girls really didn't want to part and in truth we could have happily stayed another few days, but the doggies were waiting back here and had never been in kennels before, so we were a bit concerned, but on our arrival home they were brought back by the kennel in the same travel box and acted like nothing had been untoward.  So we know we can go again without worrying.

We'd like to thank Kelly and her family for their kindness and for making our first week away in ages such a lovely restful break.