Monday, 8 February 2016

Ah, that's better....

Well all is well, the Invicta is coming back for any mods. necessary and it IS to be produced as originally intended.

I hate bad feeling and it seems we can avoid it after all.  Always best to talk.

And an hour or so later....

There we are.  The basic essentials of the C6 Amilcar are all there....grille shaped and recessesed, panel lines and exhaust outlet done, cockpit dug out and seat backs done.
Next is the chassis work, forward of the  grille, then the louvres and that'll be that.

I heard from the Swiss geezer for whom I made the Invicta master in, believe it or not 2013.  he still hasn't done anything with it and now claims there are problems with the model "according to an expert".  Ha!  Oldest trick in the book.  He's obviously run out of money and is looking for a face saver.  Well he's picked the wrong guy.  Why, pray, would he tell me he was happy with the model in September 2013 in a mail if there was something wrong with it.  He whinged about the front axle after a while without ever explaining what he wanted done. Now he's offering the master back for the same he paid for it!  Cheeky sod!  A second hand master goes, at best, for half price, used or not.
I am so keen to see an Invicta in the world of slot cars that I will make another one! double quick and offer it to a friend to produce.  Let the Swissman go mend a cuckoo clock!  Damned fool!
                                                          See?  Nothing wrong with it!

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Everything comes to he who waits.....

                                                He just may have to wait too bloody long!
Here you see a view of me by the time I can afford an Amilcar!

So, today I made one in 1/32nd scale.  Couldn't believe how quick it was.  This was after half an hour

and another half hour...
half an hour later it was done all bar the shouting.  Pics of the shouting later.  This, in the same week that I also made this:-
A V-16 BRM. 

I might have a break next week!  The Northern bit of the family are due for a visit as it's half term for the wee horrors.