Sunday, 7 February 2016

Everything comes to he who waits.....

                                                He just may have to wait too bloody long!
Here you see a view of me by the time I can afford an Amilcar!

So, today I made one in 1/32nd scale.  Couldn't believe how quick it was.  This was after half an hour

and another half hour...
half an hour later it was done all bar the shouting.  Pics of the shouting later.  This, in the same week that I also made this:-
A V-16 BRM. 

I might have a break next week!  The Northern bit of the family are due for a visit as it's half term for the wee horrors.


  1. That last shot - Wow! Is is all carved from solid or are details like the bonnet straps and windscreen support applied and then primed to match the rest?

  2. Phil, the details are added after the shape is done, so louvres, screen frame, fillers and bonnet straps are all added last and then I paint it as all my models, with a self-etch primer, which dries in minutes and I can rub down, fill any scratches and repaint.