Friday, 11 March 2011

The Mallock project

The Mallock U2 Mk18 is now reaching completion. I made the nose today and broke the corner off at the last minute, but superglue could not be found, so that's a priority.
The material is CIBATool, two layers of thin stuff, which was all I could find.
The engine cover and exhaust fairing have been left "generic" so that individual variations can be catered for. I envisage this model selling mainly to owners of real cars and all cars have variations to some extent. Those variations if not too extreme, can be catered for here before delivery.

Friday, 4 March 2011

And a similar lot.

The Speedwell Sprite is also finished and is ready for production by the same company. I was helped in the making of this by the owner of the actual car who contacted me with its history and some useful photographs of the car in competition in its day.

This was made from a resin cast of an earlier car and modified with pear wood and Milliput.

The Crusader...caped

The Clan Crusader is now finished, with its cape of grey Primer.

It should soon be in production with Slotcar Models and Kits as the 2nd placed car in the Manx Rally in 1971(??) It was second only to a Works Escort, which was not bad going for a brand new car in its first event.