Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Nearly there now...

The Narrowboat model now has a finished fore cabin and a back cabin/engine 'ole with doors open and hatches.
Also gave the hull its very distinctive half round buffing strips.

Now working on the engine and interior of the back cabin, then floor components of the frames, stands and monkey plank and that'll be it almost done. Paint?...in the lap of the weather Gods there!

More pics when it's all done.


  1. It looks great with the rubbing strips and the cabin all done. Very satisfactory- can't wait for the paint job, but goodness knows when it's going to stop raining!

  2. As it might be moulded, Iain, it will only be finished in primer, but if my friend decides he wants a copy and moulds it, I will definitely have a bash at a thorough paint job on it. Engine and back cabin stove are done as are the crossbeams and stands and the mast. The cabin is done too,now, with all doors open. Ooh, Sunshine, more photos, I think.