Thursday, 14 November 2013

Testing, testing...

As promised, the test piece for scribing, or more properly, embossing this clever stuff I am calling foam board, though I fancy I have the wrong name for it.  I have heard Forex and Kappa used.  I will find out, though.
Anyway, what a success.  Without scheming up any clever tools, just using a slightly blunt end of a scriber, I pushed into its fine surface bricks, English bond with a soldier course, stones, as in Welsh, for instance and wonderful Norfolk Carrstone with yellow stock quoins.
Quickly painted with mainly Vallejo acrylics, which sometimes matt and sometimes don't, so after they dried I gave them a quick spray of my new best friend, Mr. Hobby UV Cut Flat ( ain't that the dumbest name ever?) and it matted off just right.  Excuse the slightly woolly edge between the Carrstone and the quoins.  Wrong paint brush. I'll use a chisel point next time.

Here's the result of ten minutes work.  I haven't done any weathering at all on this sample yet, but will post again when the gouache and pastels come out.
I am hooked on Forex (or whatever it's called)

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