Saturday, 30 November 2013


Today the wee PC man came and worked some magic, so I'm back on at last.
To be honest I can live without Facebook, despite getting most of my work with it, but my customers know my e-mail and phone number.
But I am enjoying the blog lately, filling in with some stuff old, some stuff new.

In the enforced absence from the ether of choice, I have finished the Lantern Caff.

Some gutters made on my little press tool from pewter foil and a downpipe from 3/64th" KS Metal Centre brass wire.  I also made the mounting brackets by impressing two ribs in a strip of pewter foil with the rounded, well worn end of my steel rule, then simply wrapping round the brass rod and securing with a tiny bit of superglue. The ribs remain just enough to show even after curling round the rod.

Nice pale chalky matt blue Vallejo paint which I usually use for painting racing drivers' suits, mixed with a little off white.  The Vallejo didn't set quite matt enough for me, so I went over it, when set with Gouache.

A bit of sooty discolouration around the stove flue.  Don't ask me how that happens, but it does. Ask any caravan/narrowboat dweller, so I gave it the boaty look secure in the knowledge it's right! That muck gets and then runs everywhere!

A bit of hand lettering for the TEAS on the roof and the name on the shiplap completed the job.  I haven't got round to the powdered pastel yet, but I have had to do some "earners" this week.

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