Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Prototype for everything department

As we were charged with collecting the grandson from school today, I took the opportunity to drive a little further and take some pics of my chum's old country garage in toto.
I have shown pictures of the office on here in model form recently, so now here are the shots of the real McCoy, now more dishevelled than even my model!
This is the full extent of the buildings.  Many years ago the other side of the office was a Nissen hut turned into a large cafe, which flourished for years, but is, alas, long gone.  Immediately behind these buildings runs the Well Creek, which was once, astonishingly the alignment of the original River Nene, before it was cut through Wisbech on a much quicker route to the sea.  The Nene, in fact, used to flow into the Great Ouse many miles inland.
Note the narrow boats.
With almost nothing holding the roof up and the window frames falling to rot, it's obvious this is earmarked for redevelopment very soon, hence my taking these shots before yet another English country garage disappears for good.  Tony was unable to maintain a fight against theft and vandalism in the end.  Add new rules from Brussells about fuel tanks and he was wiped out completely.  EU vandalism is as responsible as any other kind.
For fans of old petrol pumps here's a full on view of one.  I should say it's not that long ago that we used to buy our fuel here.
Here's a study in rotten wooden  doors
These will tax my weathering talents, such as they are.

I shall be using earlier style pumps which did used to be here.  I had the fiddly bits etched from my artwork years ago, when it was cheap, quick and easy so to do.  Not any more!
The keen-eyed amongst you will spot name and builder's plates for some narrow gauge locos also on the fret and some nice Edwardian villa window frames. I have lost all the rest, unfortunately.


  1. I've filed these photos for further reference...what a wonderful garage and the weathering would be quite a challenge! Love the etchings... brilliant!

  2. Iain, I will try to catch Tony sometime and see if hell loan me some shots of the garage in its heyday, when I first met him. There was always a line of fabulous cars outside for sale. Everything from Princess Limos to racing Galaxies (Tony used to race) via Piper GTTs and hillclimbing Imps.