Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Lantern Caff contd...

Done a little more on the Lantern Caff today.  I thought I should put a bit of interest inside the little establishment, so I knocked up a table and chair and laid the table with knife and fork squashed from thin solder, a mug of frothy cocoa and a salt cellar.
The windows are simply framed as main pane and fanlight, as befits a "conversion" done more for profit as a Cafe than an architectural gem.  The frames are styrene strip sliced off some sheet.  I'm far too tight to order and pay postage on Microstrip!
The glazing is some spare clear from my son, who has a big old (1963!) vac-former and makes all sorts on it.  I'm never short of food quality glazing!
The facia boards are also added, ready for the roof slates and subsequent guttering.
The strap hinges and latch pate are from my old etchings, shown earlier.  Slates tomorrow.

I also cut out the openings on the Moss garage workshop frontage in Foamex, which I am really getting to like.  Note the crispness of cuts. Much easier than thick card.


  1. This is looking really good. While it is a super little build an' all, it is your description of how you tackle the little details which is fascinating...I would never have thought of making the cutlery from bits of solder! Can't wait to see you tackle painting!

  2. Thanks Iain. I'm lucky to have found a roll of fine solder wire at our local Sunday market and it was literally staring me in the face where I sit, so I just played with the idea of squashing it into a knife blade and then used the handle of the scalpel to put a curved squash into the fork. I guess a bigger, shorter squash gives you a spoon! I'm not sure I can match your painting skills, though!