Monday, 11 November 2013

Spread your wings...

One reason I can't give all my attention to the model scenics is that, like everyone else, I gotta eat!

These are my current occupations.  1/32nd scale master patterns for a DH89 Dragon Rapide, the lovely old biplane airliner that got the country airborne.
It's for a high end kit by a French company, new to large scale model aircraft kits.

Then there is this:-
A brass windscreen frame to be cast in white metal for a limited edition Thelma and Louise Ford T-Bird!

And finally this:-

An Invicta S-type low chassis.  
All those louvres along the side valance, both sides, are separate pieces of 20 thou. plastic rod, which, when set, are filed to a louvre shape.  The chassis is still under way, but the seats and levers were done today, next, the windscreen frame and headlights in brass.

So, I can only press on with the railway scenery stuff in the gaps between these, though there will be some more pics tomorrow of the Lantern Yard base.


  1. Very fine work, Martin. Love the look of the Invicta S type!

  2. Thanks, Iain. Variety is the spice .....and all that.