Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Lantern Cafe

Two posts down is a front wall, as if of a hut, brick built, yard/coal office kind of thing,  Well, the muse is upon me and I had to get it made into a suitable place to put on Lantern Yard, so I thought "how can I make it a bit bigger plausibly with interest?"  It needed an extension to hold the kitchen area as I'd resolved to do it as a cafe.  So I added a wooden extension in card planks and pearwood posts.

The wooden extension, enough for a small kitchen and a bit of extra seating.

Notice the bit of bent brass tube.  That's from the coal stove that struggles to keep the customers warm.  As yet unfixed. Here's the corners of brick, a bit blurred, but showing the cellulose putty filling the gap.  The big problem with vac-formed brick sheet is the little gaps left by the process when you cut the sheet.  Here they are filled and sanded back and the courses run round with a triangular Swiss file.


  1. This is looking very promising - it's going to have a great deal of character. I don't suppose you'll be able to get a cappuccino in there, it will be stand-a-spoon-up tea, I imagine :-)

  2. Cap of what guvnor? We got Camp if you don't want tea. I got some cocoa somewhere and all. Bert likes 'is cocoa.....

    This will have "TEAS" on the roof, like wayside caffs always used to.