Monday, 18 November 2013

Why do I do these things?...

I was just mardling through some searches for a 7mm scale version of Iain Robinson's model building blog and I came across these.

Now I was always aware of the existence of a Ferry Station on the old Wisbech North - Sutton Bridge branch of the Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway, because I've been a huge fan of that lovely old railway since I was about 13, but I'd never seen a picture of it.
It's just too damned gorgeous to resist, so I won't.  It was also only a few miles from where I live now, but I'm sure there'll be nothing left of it, but that ain't going to stop me having a damned good look for it, possibly tomorrow!  I know there's a road just outside Wisbech that goes towards the river, called Ferry Lane, so that must be a start.
It's clearly timber framed, on a blue brick footing, nice!  Then there's that lovely portico on the platform door.  A gent's at the end, which implies a ladies' inside.  The platform lamps are just itching to be modelled as is the whole thing.  An ash platform too!
The full McCoy.
Stone gate posts, telegraph poles, brick-on-edge at the crossing and could that be a bit of platform garden I see?
This would make a nice thin set-piece, enough for a loco and a 6 wheeler or two.  I once made the Hudswell Clark 4-4-0 tank in 4mm when I was a kid.  I think it's time for a 7mm scale one, if I can find the drawings somewhere.


  1. Yes, this is a beauty! It's crying out to be modelled! This is too powerful to resist, Martin, just go with it.

  2. I will, Iain, but I think it will have to be just this down platform and building. I thought that was it, bust as my latest post says, there was quite a complex here and I don't have space for a layout!