Friday, 21 November 2014

Sign of the times...

Needing some suitable signs for the Riverside Garage set-piece, I trawled through the 'net and found a good few that I could use on both the garage buildings and the motorbike shop opposite.
Now, I can find 'em and download them all, but how the devil do you get them all arranged on one sheet for printing?  No idea, so I called my computer-minded son and blow me if he didn't do it in no time and send me a print tother day,   I'd guessed at the sizes of sign required and he'd done that for me too.

So now, I have to clear coat the sheet to give it an enamel sheen and stiffen the paper, then work out a suitably subtle rust and dirt scheme for them.  A lot of weathering seems to me to be far too extreme.  I have some old enamel signs on my shed and they are not the least bit rusty, just a little dull on the finish.  Of course on a garage wall they are likely to get knocked about a bit and probably never cleaned, so a bit of rust and dirt is more likely.

Bike shop:-

I'm looking forward to getting the motorbike shop to a level of finish where the Triumph and Norton signs can go up on the wall.  Time is the enemy currently.
Of course, the problem with doing a 'bike shop is that there HAS to be a bike or two outside and they ain't going to be the same bikes.  So no proprietary jobs here! They will need photo-etched spokes too.
I've decided on a classic caff racer, a Triton. Triumph engine, Norton Featherbed frame and a Norton Dominator. My neighbour's son used to have bits most weekends!  It's that or a BSA Gold Star, the first bike I ever rode pillion on.  One bang every lampost!

The window of the shop will have various goodies like exhaust systems, kneehole tanks, carbs, etc. on show.
Be still, my beating heart!


  1. Why do I smell Duckhams?


  2. Because we don't have Castrol R any more, Rich.
    I see somebody is selling Real Steam and Oil essence in a bottle for model smoke generators. How long before we can get Castrol R? Mmmm.

  3. Aren't they lovely? A stripped down elegance, understandable and accessible. Done my time on clip-ons & rearsets. Prefer a more relaxed ride these days.

    How about a sidecar outfit too? Possibly one with L plates - remember that dodge? Ride any size bike you like as a learner, if it's got a chair attached.


  4. "Clip-ons and rear sets", Brian, you ol' rocker. The language of the Caff racer, eh?
    I think a Stieb chair could be on the cards. N-Drive have given me carte blanche on scenic stuff. Including a couple of old masters I have kicking around for a Trojan Chummy and Morgan three wheeler. Interesting times coming up, possibly.