Friday, 7 November 2014

It's my mojo, Doctor...

Yes, you see, Doc, I am so sick of making little model car patterns and so fed up with no-money model aircraft. What shall I do?

"What you do, boy, is get on with making the stuff for customers and IF the work dries up, make some scenery, or bash out something for the Austin 7 Special, but get to that bench and just damned well get it done.  Some people don't have a job, or worse, they work for Wallmart!"

What am I moaning about?

What has actually appealed to me recently has been not the usual foray into model scenery that always perks me up, but the old 1/12th scale McLaren M8F model.

Still plenty of fiddly metal bashing to do on that yet around the gearbox and rear suspension.
I keep looking at the box with all the bits in and have to stop myself.  I keep glancing through the big, fat book of sketches and notes that I made for it and wondering what the hell a particular set of pencil lines meant when I drew them!  My chum made some resin copies from my plastic patterns of the Keith Black Big Block Chevy AND the LG 600 gearbox, so no excuses there.
Alas, many of my photos of the real car have gone missing between house, boat and where I am now, but I can probably get by.

This is the bit that needs most finishing off work.

Then there's the small matter of the body to make, in the thinnest possible fibre glass.
But there's so many other customers, Doc!


  1. Rich,

    Although I follow the blog, this is the only to contact you.

    Tim (Pottendorf) aka hale-tim at

  2. Tim,
    not sure what that means, but I'll leave it to you and Rich?

  3. Ah, I think, Tim, that we have names crossed here. I'm Martin, Rich is my oldest chum in Florida.