Sunday, 2 November 2014

No more Facebook for me...

I recently had a post I'd made on FB peremptorily removed.
I can only assume that "they" objected to my strong comment on Far Eastern people and their liking for eating dogs which they skin alive.  Something I'd rather like to see done to them.  I called them Chinks.  Really, when "people" do such things, who cares what we call them?

I will NOT be censored by a bunch of self important God bothering opportunists for something far less offensive than the subject matter in hand, so I am leaving the outfit on Bonfire Night, to give clients (the only reason I ever went on FB) a little time to respond and make sure they have my contact details outside of that narrow facility.

I don't think this will affect many who follow this blog, but just in case, I thought I'd mention it.


  1. Remember, remember the fifth of November....... Seems fitting somehow.
    What a politically correct world we now have to live in and on a PC you have to really double down and watch your every word. How sad to be censored for what darn near everyone has said themselves at one time of another. Be it only as a child or as an adult.
    But if my aged memory still serves I think it was a wood worker who once said, " Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.
    Something the online controllers/censors should all give a little thought to before jumping down someones throat methinks.But then that would be in a perfect world only would it not?
    Back to building again old chum.


  2. Back to building indeed, ol' son, although today I are largely mending stuff and tidying and tomorrow off to photograph and measure a new canal boat for a biggish one-off model, that should pay for Christmas.