Saturday, 22 November 2014

Articles, anyone?...

Whilst attempting to clear out the first of my two storage caravans ready for dismantling, I found some articles I wrote for MRJ, but which were turned down by Tim Shackleton because and I quote:- "Nobody makes anything anymore".
You can imagine my disgust at such a comment from the then editor of Britain's most serious organ of railway modelling.

Well, they've resurfaced in a drawer full of mouse eaten Airmail envelopes (intended for you when we were afloat, Rich!). Mice, it seems, don't have a taste for large ruled notepads fortunately.

Anyway, would anyone be interested in seeing them, if I type them up on the blog?  From what I recall they cover general modelmaking techniques, roads, paths and boat models.  Anything, BUT the railways.


  1. I'd certainly be interested in articles on modelling roads and paths. I've no particular intention to model boats but I'm sure the articles would still be interesting to read. In other words, get them typed up!

  2. Mark, thanks for your response. What I actually seem to have found is my manuscript for a book about modelmaking, inevitably unfinished by a long way, but with some comments on tools, etc. that might be useful. I now realise the typed up roads and boats articles are on my old laptop, which I had with me when I lived afloat. If I can remove those, I will put them up here.

  3. Count me in ...disappointed that the articles won't be showing yet, but the unfinished magnum opus is definitely of interest! let's see it, please :-)

  4. Three of you, so soon! Oh Lor', I might have released the Krakon!
    OK, let me see if I can awake the old machine after so long asleep. I may have to have the laptop open next to me while I just transcribe. I doubt if it'll talk to this PC. It only has a 3 1/2" floppy drive, hehe!

  5. Definitely like to see your writings, always ready to learn!

  6. Thanks, Lloyd. I have to try and find the originals, then type them up.