Sunday, 23 November 2014

Bikes AND cars?

Chatting to my best customer, Nev, of N-Drive Productions.  I mentioned that if I was going to make some bikes for my own set-piece, would he be interested in them as masters.  He jumped at the chance as he's developing a scenic accessories series, of which the two little boats are the first.
I then remembered I have a couple of ancient brass masters in a tobacco tin, of a Trojan Chummy and a Morgan 3 wheeler, which I'd originally made as Grand Prix Models' first ever kits in the very early 70s.  Brian Harvey decided to do only racing cars, so I ended up with these two.  Nev loves the idea, so there will be two 43rd scale w/m kits to come of these two vehicles.  The Trojan was beloved of country vicars and district nurses.  Famously, the track of the narrow solid tyred versions was exactly that of tram systems and many a vicar or nurse had to be manhandled out of the tram depot at the end of the day!

Trojan went on to make the vans that the chimps "drove" in PG Tips tea adverts and finally made McLaren's customer Can Am racers!
The Morgan needs no introduction.  My one is the classic pointy tailed, JAP V-Twin engined version.
Watch this space, folks.

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