Sunday, 16 November 2014

Old MRJs found...result!

I've been clearing out an old caravan in the garden, in which I used to work and wondered what was on the top of the old wardrobe.  Well the usual junk, of course, but I found a carrier bag full of old Model Railway Journals.  My daughter thoughtfully used to buy a year's subscription to any magazine of my choice, for Christmas and these were that year's.  Wonderful, because I've forgotten every word in them and those Bob Barlow days were the best.  So I have a nice bundle to read during the adverts on telly, which I despise with a passion.

Also found up there were lots of old spice bottles, all washed, ready to mix and store paints if I have a bash at this weathering lark.  AND an old bug bat, so I can watch all those Youtubes that show how to make your own static grass applicator and save £140 on the overpriced Noch item.

Then there's the box full of engine rebuilding gear that my No 2 son will appreciate.  Everything from Plastigauge to engine assembly lube, valve grinding paste and Dow Corning cylinder liner seal. Some Reliant Fox suspension goodies, too, cost little, should ebay well.

Not a bad short afternoon's work, I'd say.  Oh shit, here comes the rain again...


  1. There's no MRJ's like old MRJ's...I love them, you lucky sod. And that's the good thing about being our age, we forget much of the eye candy we've read, so it's all new again :-)

  2. Iain, not so much of the "our age" thankyou! I've always had a shit memory. I didn't even remember I had them!!
    But they're a good read again. There's actually some real modelmaking in them.