Sunday, 2 November 2014

A new name in architectural modelmaking to me...

I was having a general gander through industrial model railways on google recently and came upon a chap called Ralph Burrows.
He takes commissions for his work and his rather nice illustrations too.  Odd how so many modelmakers also draw very well.
What struck me about his work was the preponderance of domestic architecture, from cottages to what we used to call "villas".  Large, imposing red brick houses from the Edwardian period onwards. Every town has them, yet they seem to be largely ignored.
In a country with such a very rich heritage of vernacular architecture it seems a shame to ignore so many popular types.  This is something Mr. Burrows doesn't do.
Here's a link to his simple website:-


  1. Martin
    Thanks for pointing out that link but for some reason it didn't work as posted.
    I did my usual stumble through the blackness and came up with this. Maybe that would work better but I don't know how Blogger handles live links.
    Well worth the time and effort to track it down though.

  2. Thanks, Rich. I didn't check the link, so that should do it.
    I was surprised that I didn't know of his work, although I haven't bought MRJ for a long time!

  3. Ralph's work is up there alongside the very best...I have admired his work since learning of him in the MRJ. Thanks for that reminder, Martin. You are right about vernacular architecture, few people model it, yet we have still much evidence of the style and origins...I also like that he modelled typical semi's that in their own way are another continuation of the vernacular.

  4. Iain, I figured you'd know of him. I'm just surprised that he never came up on google searches before.
    I love that wooden building that seems to be the office of the caravan site. And how often do you see caravans modelled correctly?
    I've always thought that John Betjeman's "Ghastly good taste" and Tudorbethan suburbia were woefully underdone on model layouts.