Sunday, 7 September 2014

One morning in Autumn

Some days are just great, aren't they?
We'd decided to pay a visit to the Sunday Market. It's all in all the best locally, although we do tend to get lucky at even the small ones.

Within no time I spotted a pair of trailer mudguards, in stainless steel, which will be ideal for my Burlington Arrow kit car's rear end.  £7-50 the pair!
Then a 2015 road atlas for 3 quid instead of 8 and a large scale map of the Broads, where we are due a short holiday soon, for 50 pence.
So far, so good.  Normally there's an expensive tool stall I take little notice of, but I spotted a punch that looked ideal for rivet embossing on models.  Expecting some inflated price I was staggered to hear "two quid, mate".  Whoosh, bit his hand off!  Looking at it, I rather think this is a dedicated model railway rivet punch. Beautifully made, too.
A couple of goodies for the grandchildren and a cuppa, but for some reason we decided to have a quick look round again and to my astonishment I spotted a copy, absolutely mint, of Power Boat Speed, by Kevin Desmond.  This is THE history of racing boats and hydroplanes by an acknowledged expert in the field.  I bought a copy when it first came out, in1988, but it has never been reprinted.  The stallholder, busy chatting to someone, absent-mindedly said "a quid, mate".  I could barely stop myself laughing!
We even found something for Chris, who, bless her, rarely sees anything she wants, but there was a lovely big lump of rose quartz, which she loves.

On the way back we stopped off in Elm to have a good look round All Saints Church.  We hadn't been back since we were married there 24 and a bit years ago.  It was noticeably quieter, even, than the village high street as soon as we went in.  I'd forgotten how big it was!  An internet search shows that it will be 900 mm long in 7mm scale, so not impossible. I have space in my new shed for it.
It's made of a few different types of stone, which will make it interesting to model.

24 and bit years, since Chris and I stood here with our families and friends

Having parked in the pub's car park to visit the church, it seemed churlish not to avail ourselves of the hospitality of the Sportsman.
The last thing anyone could accuse me of being!
I'd never been in this pub in all the time I've lived up this way, so I was happy to down a half of Guinness in the garden.  It's a delightful little Pub and the old East Ender Publican looks a lot like Norman Wisdom.  I kept expecting him to fall down and shout "Mr. Grimsdale"!

So there we are, what a lovely morning in the early Autumn sunshine.  Profitable, too.


  1. The stonework on that church is beautiful. I am noting how there is very little depth to the mortar courses :-)

    It's lovely when you get a bargain, isn't it?

  2. On the coursed stone, Iain, there's very little depth, but on the carr stone and chalk lump areas it's deeper through weather wear, I think. Also, the apparent ashlar of the tower could be render with mortar lines put in. I noticed today, that our local church has that in places, currently being repaired and cleaned.
    Certainly is a great feeling getting a bargain, never mind several! Still can't identify that punch though, but it does the job perfectly.