Saturday, 13 September 2014

Lizard boy strikes again...

Haha!, He's gone and done it again!  The little Lizard Man who runs RMWeb has booted me off...for telling the truth that Pendon is losing its way, Geoff Kent's garage was overblown and MRJ ain't a patch on what it once was.
I bet he thinks I give a toss, too!  I only joined it again to ask about lobster pots and bugger all help I got on that one!

It seems that it doesn't matter what the silly little toady does on that much reduced and reviled forum, the new owners (magazine BRM company) haven't the balls to tell him where to go. I can only surmise he works for nothing!

Ah well, the welcome over the pond at freerails is never in doubt and the modelmaking is always infinitely better than anything the patrons of RMWeb can ever come up with.
Goodbye, Lizard man and damned good riddance to you!


  1. Lizard man? Never has a truer word been spoken.

  2. You should see my earlier post on the little tosser, Tim!