Saturday, 13 September 2014

New standards for grasses and trees?...

I can do no better, ladies and gents, but send you hither:-

I always go back to my American chums at Freerails, when I get booted off the British forums.
And anyway, nobody does this in England.  (It should be said that this thread is from a Dutch guy)

I have never tried static grass applicators, but I know there are cheap home built versions you can knock up from bug bats and the like.  I therefore have no knowledge of all the different makes and types of fibres, weeds, turfs, available, but I think I will have to learn about them because this is just too good!
Grass applicators for tree building and bushes that are astonishingly realistic.  But the real tour de force is the silver birch, around page 13-14 on that thread.

I have resisted static grass for a while because I thought it a bit shiny and false-looking but now, at last, I think resistance is pointless.


  1. Those trees really do look excellent.

    I've heard really good things about the expensive static grass machines, and while I'm sure you get what you pay for the fly swatter crossed with a tea strainer I bought of eBay for £12 seems to do a reasonably good job on making grass at least.

  2. Thanks Mark,
    I had no idea you could get the bugbats off ebay. I must have a look. Clearly that expensive 70Hertz thing is the dogs cahones, but I can't justify the cost for a hobby.
    I think for grasses, the bugbat should do the trick. On all wire tree armatures I'm not sure the applicator is necessary. I think experimental compromise is the order of the day!

  3. You have not seen the two books on modelling trees, nor the modelling grassland book that Gordon Gravett has written? I would venture to suggest his work is just as good?

  4. I know of them,Craig, but I have not seen them. Knowing Gordon I would expect his work to be as good though, though a perfectly modelled silver birch is not something I've seen before.