Monday, 8 September 2014

Bloody useless chain stores....

Went into town today, partly to get a wee poke o' messages  (as my Glaswegian lodger used to say), but mainly to have a look at and possibly even  buy a copy of Model Railway Journal.  I've seen it in there before, but this time they hadn't been sent any.  "We only sell what the stockists send us."  This was Smiths, fer Chrissakes!  They are the distributors in most parts not covered by Menzies anyway! Why is the gormless, bum-fluff whiskered, limp wristed ponce paid?  Any damned fool could just open parcels from the distributors. That ain't shop-keeping, is it?

So, I go all the way to the nearest one time stockist and after he managed to list it on his steam driven computer, he tells me they had a delivery of nil.
There is, apparently, a picture of Geoff Kent's Black Lion Crossing filling station and garage that has the model world abuzz and agog. I want to see this picture before I buy the expensive magazine. Nobody will put it on a forum because of some copyright tosh (even though you can put the cover on the forum).  I've looked at the two pictures of this layout on the net images and I can't see what all the fuss is about with what I can see so far.  Scratchbuilt lorries?  Big deal.  How many have I made by now, I wonder, in brass...locos, coaches, wagons, cars, tractors, buses, boats?...No this one had better be worth the cover price!

I cannot justify over 4 quid for a slim magazine if what's in it is not up to scratch.  Scratch, ha! This is at least the only model magazine left where a few still scratchbuild, but even that isn't worth a subscription.  Last month it was all diesels!  Now that really is expensive bum tissue!

So, I suppose I have to wait until this issue gets put on ebay, as it surely will, just because some tatty chain store can't be bothered to train its dimwit staff to actually order their own stuff.  Even though the rest of that display stand had some of the most esoteric, unread crap I've ever seen!

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