Saturday, 20 September 2014

End of Blogger?

I just tried to add a new post and when I clicked the image icon I got a message saying my photo files were unavailable.  It put up a new page saying "from a blog"," from Picasa", "from your phone", etc.

What the hell is picasa?,  I have a camera, so why would I want to use a phone (I have no mobile phone),  when did this happen?
Why the bloody Hell can't they leave alone what ain't broke!?

If I can't post photos as I always have done, I will have to end the blog.  I will not be pushed around by the tossers who own this outfit.

Has anyone else found this nonsense today if they happen to be with this outfit?


  1. As the cover of the Hitch Hiker's guide states in big friendly letters "DON'T PANIC!".

    I spotted this the other day (I think they've been rolling it out slowly over a number of days) and almost got confused by the new layout. Basically they've moved the options from down the side to across the top and renamed some of them.

    While I'm not sure why you got an odd message about files not being available you should be able to post as normal. Looking at the photos in older posts I assume you always get the images ready on your computer and then upload them straight into the blog post. If this is the case then you should just be able to click the "Choose Files" button and ignore everything else. This should be on the default selected tab, but if not just click the Upload link at the top left of the dialog.

    Interestingly when uploading photos to Blogger Picasa is where they have always ended up it was just hidden under the hood. This means that the "from this blog" link will show you photos you've posted before and "from Picasa web albums" would let you select photos you posted on any of your blogs before (if you have more than one blog).

    If you have problems drop me an e-mail and I'll try and figure out what's messed up as I certainly don't want you to stop blogging.

  2. Mark, thankyou. I'm not sure why I get a message box, but it comes up saying that my photo files are unavailable and I can't get past that. I am NOT a patient man. If I get much more trouble from this thing I shall make sure everybody has my phone number and throw the bloody thing on the bonfire pile. I am very close to not giving a toss! I only actually keep it so I have somewhere to download photos and my main clients speak to me using FB chat. I much prefer film and paper prints. Only a modelmaker would say or understand that.
    I'll have a look at what you suggest and email you if nothing happens.