Sunday, 1 June 2014

Topped off, just!...

Well, the lad came round with a circular, our belt sander, a huge box of screws, the heaviest toolbag in the world and not one, but TWO De Walt battery screwdrivers and batteries AND chargers.
A quick cuppa and off we went, shed building.  After shortening and narrowing the base, once the panels total dimensions were measured, we got the panels up quickly, but some were so cock-eyed we had no choice but to face some filling later.
Thank heavens we were having a very rare windless day, because the whole structure was decidedly wobbly until the trusses were made and fitted.

Finished off with the roof boards, which help to square it all up nicely, but having got one side on easily, the other side wasn't square at all!  Work that one out.  Anyway, we got it on as light was starting to fail and were all very pleased with our long day.

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  1. Looking great, Martin. I can see that there is still ample space inside. I once put a small 8x6 shed up by myself...not an experience I wish to repeat. Glad you had loads of help!