Saturday, 31 May 2014

I love the smell of tar!...

Another weekend, another escape from making models for people. I'm getting to like this new arrangement.

But I am now officially knackered after painting the entire shed. I'm using Bartoline Creocote, because I cannot, for the life of me, see any point whatsoever in putting anything water based on wood.  It pulls the fibres and it doesn't soak in anywhere near as much as an oil based product.  Also, Bartoline is one of the products favoured by wooden canal boat builders and repairers which is good enough for me.
It's a Creosote replacement, because the Health and Safety Saddo Nazis decreed a few years ago that Creosote could no longer be sold.  This stuff is so similar that I wonder if it really is a replacement and not just a renamed original.  It's highly dangerous (all the best stuff is) and is as willing to soak in as turps.
What you see here took just 5 litres and that's with doing all the frames, especially the end grains and the drip rails twice.
I have laid all the elements out in the order they go together, ready for the big build tomorrow.
This was a LOT of painting and has taken almost all day, but fussy sod here likes to be thorough and methodical.  My grandchildren wanted to help, but I couldn't risk their health, knowing that they would never be as careful as me and I only have one big pair of rubber gloves!  But they will definitely be helping me paint the insides white when it's all up.
I have painted it all before building as you really need to soak all the mating surfaces and end grain, before using a good PU marine sealer (NOT bloody useless silicon, PLEASE!).  
Note the missing header rail of the nearest window panel.  Just simply just can't get the staff these days!  Bazz's portable table saw will rip us a new piece tomorrow.  Ain't nuttn' can't be repaired.


  1. Looking very fine! It's obvious you are a model maker..."paint all parts while still on the sprue and before assembly"... :-) I, too, have been suspicious of these water based alternatives and can report from experience that they don't last. However, this is all looking very promising, although I'm sorry you had to lose a little space.

  2. Well, it's up and roofed today, Iain with son, son-in-law and grandson's help.
    My back and knees are telling me they have had enough for a day. We finished just as the light was starting to go. Now it's a week of weather-proofing every nook and cranny.