Thursday, 1 May 2014

Interest crossover....

It's amazing how people with a particular interest then show that they have others just like we do.
I recently started a Facebook page for Vintage Model Boats.  Long overdue.
Within moments we had some fascinating pictures put up not by the usual suspects I'd joined up to it, but by a chap who had been a long time member of the 50s/60s Specials page I'd begun months ago!  A chap with a nice Austin 7 Special had, it turned out, a very rich modelmaking past in model aircraft and model boats, including tethered hydroplanes and straight runners, just the sort of thing I'd intended the new page for.

And comments on the new page from the earlier page's members confirmed he wasn't the only one.

It's so often the case that if you like one set of old things, you'll be into the others, too. His photos showed not only his Austin 7 Special, but a pile of old bikes.  And we're talking quality stuff like a Scott 2 stroke too!
Now that's a garage I'd like to have a look round
In this one picture are 2 Impex and three British home made 4 stroke model boat engines.

So thanks to Philip Parry-Jones for this and many other pictures of wonderful old stuff.

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