Monday, 26 May 2014

Shedding the weekend....

Having found a bit of spare cash we decided to splash out on a new shed to replace the old leaky caravan workshops.
I could have built my own but it would have taken a lot longer to build, so we got a good deal on a 16 x10.

Not trusting the floor they offered as being likely too thin, I elected to build the base.
Using concrete blocks on beds of gravel, we levelled the site after clearing solid 3 foot high nettles!
Then made up 10 foot long bearers of free 3x3 from Ian's work and today with Bazz's help and his frighteningly powerful De Walt battery screwdriver we laid 5 8x4s of 18mm Sterling OSB3 board and this is the result.

In the Flatlands we have a sloping site!

Having drawn out the insides with pretty much everything I want it to contain, I still have an open space of 10' x 6' in the middle. Plenty to put my Austin 7 chassis on trestles and walk all round!


  1. That looks like it is going to be a fabulous workspace, Martin. These power screwdrivers are indeed powerful. My Missus uses one for her woodwork projects and she dispenses with pilot drill holes, just fires away with the powerdriver. I am only allowed to make cups of tea.

    1. Hi Iain,
      It turns out the shed needs a slightly smaller base, so I will start tomorrow by slicing a few inches off all round! Bazz will be round with his amazing De Walt to remove the screws he put in last weekend, to allow the strips of board to be cut off. Then, as the blog I'm just putting up will show, we start building the shed, tomorrow. I'm sure you can do more than make cuppas