Friday, 13 June 2014

The shed, last lap now...

Having worked most of the week on the shed internally, we now have benches all round, machinery installed and even starting to clear out the old caravan workshop into the new shed.
I have a few old tin signs and have now started to dig em out and screw them up.  The Grandad's Fix-it shop was one I've had in the living room for a while and since Grandad and little Owen are apparently "working as a team", I thought it ought to go on the door.
The machines bench looks narrow and crowded, but in fact the bandsaw and disc/belt sander always get taken outside as the dust they produce is too risky in an enclosed space.  The ancient Hobbies Gem fret saw is one that my father-in-law gave me. His father had motorised it from the treadle original, so I thought my other son, Mike, might like it as it was owned by his Great Grandad and he likes to make stylish stuff in woods of different kinds. So that's off to him, when next we visit.
These badges are some of many we have from various events or canals we've visited, mainly on our old historic boat, Heather Bell.  Chris is having he rest of them for her potting shed door! The above were mainly when I had an Albatross speedboat and was editor of the Classic Motor Boat Association's magazine.  I had a barney with them over content and I was kicked out effectively, but I'm a brass whore, so up go the badges and the middle finger!

I ended this evening with the Special building bench on the opposite side, so we're very nearly done now.  On top of that my son, Bazz, has offered to come over on Sunday to wire it all up for me.  Nice Father's Day present, eh?  And as good a time as any to break out the Spatlese.


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  2. Very envious of that lovely "Man Cave" you have built! Somehow fitting that it has enamel signs outside, too. Enjoy working in it, I look forward to the latest masterpiece to emerge from it's noble portals!

  3. Thanks, Iain, but I fear I am going to have trouble fitting in all the stuff from the 2 caravans as they have lots of cupboardy/cabinety things, but the shed doesn't yet!
    I need more shelves, too! I think the Cambridge Special bits will have to live in the old trailer next to the garage.