Friday, 27 June 2014

All finished, bar the loading...

Well, the wiring's done now, so I guess we can say it's all finished.
Here we have the door end, with the spray guns and air brushes on their rack and the air brush compressor just by the door on the bench.  The big compressor, which is buried deep in the garage somewhere can stay there as we also use it for blowing up car tyres, etc.

I had a sudden fancy to complete an old Veron Veronica sailing boat that I'd got for a song from ebay a year or so ago.  I'd sent two customer slot car models off to a chum for slush moulding, so I thought I'd fiddle with something for me.  So, having already made a carry case for the yacht, I made a system that locks it in place in the case, then made a new mast step for it.
Finally widened one of the bench sections to take the lathe on its drawer unit.  My son had turned up one day with a spare drawer unit from his kitchen, which enables me to keep all the lathe associated stuff in one place and also raise it up to a comfortable height.  I always stand at the lathe and this is now directly in front of me.  I don't bend easy any more!

My activity centre!  The English Wheel with all my body work tools below in a chest.  Over the wheel you can see the first mudguard I've made for my Cambridge Special, the body panels of which you can see standing behind with the steering column and steering wheel. Also behind the wheel is the double bubble scuttle that sets the Cambridge Special Sports apart from the rest and the reframed back panel.  I repaired that a while back at CUP Classics when I was working there.
Finally, because I don't want to weigh the floor down too much in any one area, I decided to build an outside engine store for my FWMs and Spitfire engine and gearbox and some other bulky bits.  Then the solution arrived in the form of my Granddaughter's old wardrobe.  Turned on its side and raised on the pallet on which the shed parts came originally, I now have a large, lockable engine store, which, where you see it, is under a very dense Alder tree that allows almost no rain through its canopy. This shady nook is just outside where the shed is and is up against the garage.  The step ladder was up against it at the time as there was a fair old breeze blowing and I didn't want the plastic sheet coming off.
The really sharp-eyed amongst you will have noticed that my daughter's bike has been subsumed by the Alder over the last 8 years.  That saddle is now fully 3" inside the bark and sapwood of the tree and the secondary trunk has engulfed the rear wheel and 5 speed gears!  Nothing will budge it.

So now we have the task of filling the shed with all the stuff in the old caravans, then they can be dismantled.


  1. You are so lucky to have somewhere to work on your vehicle projects. I have to work on my Fourtrak outside the house, with all the tedious comments from holiday makers as they pass by. Your workshop is fantastic, it has been worth all the hard work. More impressive than that, however, are the skills that it services :-)

  2. All paid for by a mis-sold endowment, Iain!
    Currently trying to fit all the stuff from the caravans into the shed. I just got a cupboard unit up on the wall in which will go all my steam stuff (I'm a Mamod and S.E.L. fan on the quiet!). Next big job is to get an old carpenters' bench in to provide a flexible bench space as an island unit. That should swallow a fair bit of stuff. I also got the drawing board to a good new home...a superb aviation artist a few miles away. Is your Fourtrak a hobby project or daily transport?

  3. The Fourtrak...both, really. We managed to get a "cherished" example, but even so, there are things I want to do ...the sills are very good but there is some rust that I have been POR15-ing in the rear 3/4. So I am painting the underneath, truck on ramps, and some fool comes up, kicks my ankles and says, "broken down, mate?" The ambrosian stun gun is very useful at times like these.;-)

  4. You have passers by? Ugh!! Earthlings at your door! Boy, I'm glad we have a big plot, big fences and even bigger dogs! You really need to talk to us to bother with that lot!