Saturday, 7 June 2014

Innies or outies?...

Meaning do I get to work inside or outside the shed today?
Well yesterday, the weather was so warm that the existing laid felt was floppy and tacky in extremis, so would not allow the laying on of roof ladders with me on to lay that last strip of felt, so, I just got on with the insides, waiting for my polystyrene insulation boards to finally arrive.  I made the first of the bench frames, which would go up once the lining was done. Only a foot deep, but we need an overhang for the clamp-on vices that I have (and Owen, come his birthday next month).  I always find that people with overly deep benches fill the back of them with useless or rarely used stuff and still end up with a useful surface about a foot deep.  So, save space and start off with a foot (actually about 15") and put the rarely used stuff in cupboards or on shelves.
I also have a lot of black finished chipboard from some long dead flat packery, which we'll be using as bench top, hence the size of the framing.  The framing comes from my son-in-law's work, where they get deliveries of big stuff that sits on huge pallets. Every so often he takes the trailer to work and brings home enough timber to build almost anything with.  Nothing like buckshee timber to brighten a chap's day.

We picked up a pair of those high stools from a remarkable and tiny boot fair that our village has on a Thursday morning.  We have never been and come away empty handed.  We ALWAYS find something of real use, even though there are only at best, about 8 stalls. If nothing else the strawberries are delicious being locally grown in what is considered England's fruit bowl.  The stools, by the way were a tenner for the pair and we also got a superb fully galvanised gate with posts to stop the dogs getting to the shed for just £20.

I did some more sealing with the polyurethane sealer/adhesive of panel joints, corners and the like, then the plastic arrived.  I had assumed as the shed was nominally 16 feet long, it would require 4 sheets a side and another four for the ends.
For reasons I can't now fathom I didn't take account of the windows or the doors or the reduced height at the sides.  With Grandson Owen's help we soon had every "bay" of the insides filled with insulation and found ourselves with 5 1/2 sheets spare!  Which, I imagine, means much the same will be found with the same number of sheets of hardboard.  Oh dear!  What a lot of model boat carry cases I can make now!

I'm sure I can use some on maybe lining the doors and a couple of midi-height partitions to help portion off the inside space.
....Oh and then there's Chris's potting shed.  She'll need that as toasty as mine, of course.....

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