Friday, 10 November 2017

Just for kicks...

I decided to make the various foot parts for the Vincent model. First were the foot rests, both different to some degree.  The left side hangs from a longer bar than the right and it is less cranked, but has more going on as the rear brake, also foot operated pivots from it. All this results in a very complex shape.
While I was at it I finished off the castings of the seat dampers, made from one brass master. I made both adjusters in brass and slitted the damper body, drilling for the rod that goes through them.

Next day I made the right hand foot rest and whilst waiting for an answer about the bottom section, also made the kick start, which is very big.  Filed a 1/8th" rod so it was a flat, but round edged section, annealed it for the cranks in shape and bent it up to shape.

Today, the left foot brake pedal for the rear brake and the gear shift lever.  That should see the full set of foot levers complete.

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