Sunday, 5 January 2014

Why do I do it?...

Today I toddled off to Shipdham in Norfolk to pick up a Burlington Arrow chassis, which was offered to me for a donation to the British Heart Foundation.  The charity seeks to help research into heart illness of all kinds.  The old chap who had started the car had died of a heart complaint, as had my Dad, so I was happy to give the charity a cheque.
Turned out,the car was a bit more than a chassis. In fact it was a chassis with body frames made and attached, wooden body panels cut and varnished, a GRP scuttle, suspension both ends, steering , an overdrive Spitfire gearbox and an engine in which the bores had been rebored and fitted with a set of brand new bearings and pistons!  The plans pack was also with it.
It was effectively up the road so we borrowed the neighbour's flatbed LDV and picked it up.  Little Owen's first trip in a truck and he helped all the time.  Calls himself a mechanic, bless him!  6 years old.  Meccano and aeroplane junky.

Offloaded and wheelbarrowed round to the workshop where we covered it up, against the the rain that seems to be daily currently.
I have no idea where to put it, I certainly have no garage, but hey, that won't stop us.

I had the first Burlington chassis ever sold. Took it the factory with me when I ran the company in 1984 and came back with less of it than I took!  Son took it over, then lost interest, so I sold it in a fit of pique to teach him a lesson.  The guy I sold it to still has it in much modified form, but has just got it back on the road after an accident.  I ran the Burlington Owners' Club, then the company.  I drove the Arrow prototype for miles without ever realising it had never been even registered, never mind taxed or insured!  It drove beautifully and was totally reliable.  My best mate had one built for him, which he used to go to work every day. 108 mile round trip every day. For him and his Mrs.

So, folks, that's why I do it.
My chum's Arrow with the Ginetta G21 belonging to the man who built it for him, Clive Davies.


  1. You had me googling Burlington and I know some more fascinating stuff now that I didn't before, thanks to you! What a great find, too...

    1. Haha! got to keep you guys on your toes! Pics of the find when the weather allows. Currently it's all wrapped up against this endless rain.
      BTW, I used to run the Burlington company in '84 for my sins!

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