Sunday, 19 January 2014

Forums? Nah thanks.

That's it, that's me off the last forum.  Done and dusted.
I thought I'd try and get a bit of response to a very slow and barely active model slot car one, by adding some news and a bit of help with a different attitude to paint.  Half an hour later, I get an email from the guy who "owns" the forum telling me he'd deleted my last 2 posts because one was in the wrong place (so bloody move it, moron!) and the one about paint was a rant!  Haha, he ain't never seen me rant has he?

No skin off my nose.  I have lost all interest in toy cars and now just make shapes for the clients.

The Lotus 25 is done and loved by the client, so on to the next one, and on and on and.....

No more of them on here from now unless it's something I'm actually interested in, which is less and less these days!

Back to scenery, me thinks.....Boy! what a relief.  Now at last I can say what I want and to Hell with the rest of the anal little fools.


  1. I know what you mean about forums, I am only on RMWeb these days. I'm a bit burnt out after doing a mad job for an architect, two weeks of hell, now how long will I have to wait for the cheque I wonder :-) Looking forward to seeing your scenic prowess!

  2. Haha! I was kicked off RMWeb and still can't even look at it. Their little Hitler, York, is it? See early blog here for what I think of the Lizard man.
    I hope you get some money soon. I never trust so-called professionals. I always insist on money before delivery. They don't like it? I got plenty customers! Scenery will have to wait till I have some aircraft masters out and catch up a bit. I think I burned out before Christmas and now am having trouble getting back in the groove.