Thursday, 2 January 2014

Clear the decks, crack on Carruthers...

OK, the Christmas stuff is down and packed away, the room Hoovered, the crap that has filled the workshop is sorted, packed away, thrown away and the floors Hoovered.
No excuses now.  Onwards with the list of outstanding models.  Well, the list is outstanding, the models?  I'll do me best as always.

Aircraft masters first alongside some F1 builds for a customer who likes his F1 slot cars put together by the guy who made the masters!  Fair enough.  My little pocket money line.

So, there won't be much of a model railway nature for a little while as that's always just for me and after nearly a fortnight off, I can't indulge for a while, but progress on the other stuff will be covered on here meantime.
Modelmaking is really all much the same and only the subject changes, so any tips that I can pass on whilst knocking out the odd airyplane or slot racer, so much the better!
I hope you can glean some ideas, materials knowledge, tool uses etc.

Happy New Year to all.


  1. Hi Martin

    I've been following your blog once again and promising myself I WILL sit down and write more in an email. Perhaps that will have to wait until I get something accomplished in the "un-scaled" modelling field!

    Just wanted to pass on my best wishes from the colonies and keep up the good fight.


  2. Hi Frank, always good to get a mail from you, sir.
    A Happy New Year to you and yours. E-mail on its way.