Friday, 10 January 2014

Burlington pictures...

The weather behaved long enough yesterday to allow some pictures to  be taken of the Burlington bits.
Here's the basic chassis with body frames made up and welded on.  It also has the front towers and wishbones, steering rack and the entire rear suspension and diff.
You can see I'm still having camera problems!  Except on the shots in a dark storage building without any lights where I simply pointed the thing using the flash and hoped!

Here's the boxes of bits.  Front springs, discs, uprights and an overdrive gearbox.
All those sticks are my ash stash for body framing on the Austin 7 Special.

Here's the bellhousing and cylinder head, all cleaned up and in fine fettle already.

And finally, the engine block with its nice new re-bored cylinders and brand Johnny Spankers +.020 pistons, all fitted, strongly implying new bearings too.

Today I phoned a number I was given for the man who has the Beretta body moulds.  Imagine my surprise when I realised I was speaking to the very same guy I used to deal with for all our GRP mouldings when I ran the Burlington company, back in 1984!  He even offered me the moulds!  It's a possibility....


  1. This is all looking very exciting, Hope you get some time soon to get on with putting it all together!

  2. Every day the sun shines, Iain, I'm tempted to get out there. And once I get some more masters out I will be on it. I've even lined some wings up for it for a good price.