Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Going, going...

Well, the GT6 is almost gone, sold to somebody from somewhere we know not yet.
I have to pick his wife up from the station so she can drive the car home...somewhere.

No matter, it will be replaced by one of these.
Not this one, but one very like it, same type, same colour.

My family when I was kid had one in black.  Very stately. Coachbuilt body by Mulliners of Birmingham, taken to the Triumph factory and fitted to a modified Standard chassis with an engine that served in these, Vanguards, the TR sports car range up to the 4A and even the famous "Little Grey Fergie" tractor.

Should feel like Royalty when we go to car shows later this year.


  1. Cor, you've been busy Martin! I've got a lot of blog to catch up on...bear with me... seriously though, that car is a beauty, will you be restoring one, or buying a cared for example? The Triumph was quite a car, a real looker...although a friend had one and he was always waging war against rust. A classic, though.

  2. It's a pretty good example, Iain, We actually bought it 10 days ago. Only the full view is not Bazz's. The other shots ARE the one he's bought. Brakes need a check over, but otherwise it seems rather good for its age. A bit like me
    Rust is ever present and with these you have an ash frame to keep an eye on! But I'm a demon with the WEST epoxy treatment.