Monday, 28 November 2016

Noticeable changes on Lantern Yard...

Having nothing else to really fret about, I decided to get a bit more done on Lantern Yard.  I have loads of 3mm thick Foamex, so cut that to act as a foundation for buildings and glued down some Peco narrow gauge track that I was given.  I hate the stuff, so will be happy to bury it all under filler and leave just enough rail to run on.
I also got a pot of tester emulsion from B&Q's and painted the areas where one might expect a well packed 'oggin, so a sandy shade was selected. It also acts as a sealer, but then my chum, Lloyd, said he'd painted dilute PVA all over his scenery.  Why didn't I think of that?

Anyway, here's the board as of earlier today.
I made the point using some cheap PCB sheet which I cut into strips on my mini circular saw.  I have another to make for the other end.  Easy enough job, but I have no idea where to cut the grooves in the copper or how to wire the thing.  I've made track before, but never used it.

The white building is the blacksmith's house and workshop and the black one is his son's workshop.  I have widened the approach slope.  The cafe will go this end or may end up on my Southwold set-piece as it's shiplap.  And fishermen rarely ever eat fish, so they'd need a bacon butty with their cocoa of a chilly morning.
Also new is the hole in the canal which is to take the narrowboat rear end so the bottom of the boat appears lower than the water and the back of an empty boat is well down at the starn end.  
More as it happens.

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