Friday, 2 December 2016

Moments grabbed...

In these odd moments when I'm not expected or able to do much else thanks to weather, other demands on my time, etc. I have been carrying on with Lantern Yard.  Now with a little matt emulsion added to pathways and yesterday some green to the lint grass.  I also found a source of Perspex for the long lock section and some for the wharf section.
The hole in the baseboard is to take the full hull model of Heather Bell, an historic wooden ex-working boat that we used to own and live on.
Here are the beginnings of it with its bottom boards below "water" level.  Especially at the stern end where the weight of the big old Lister JP2 engine overbalances the empty hold.

The workshop has had some initial paint and I sign wrote Ray's Motors on the end.
The vertical  corrugated sheets that top off the end wall were made from Turkey foil, 2 layers glued together and then pressed in my little plastic press tool I made a while back..  Also made the window frames and fitted the windows.  Found an old sheet of adverts so I cut them out and glued them to brass shim for a bit of bulk and then glued some others inside for a bit of atmosphere.

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