Monday, 21 November 2016

Tar your wherry...

And paint your house every three years, they say.

Well, this shed at Southwold was very recently refurbished and tarred.  But, black as tar can look when it's new, it's not a good idea to have it like that on a model. It just looks too black and too clean. Even on a recent tarring, there can be a hint of silvery wood behind the black and in order to get that effect I bought the micro pot of silver grey mentioned in the post above and painted the shed with that first, then, when that had dried, I used some back gouache from the palette, softened up with water and went over the silver, taking a little of the black off with a cotton wool bud.  Seems to have worked quite well.

I also represented the roofing felt with scale width strips of 1000 grit wet'n'dry paper.  Unfortunately the clear general glue I used in the absence of proper Evo-Stik as used to be in a tube before they changed the formula, refused to really work on the paper and is still lifting, so I may yet have to mask the roof from stray glue and poke something stickier between sheets.  However, the basic impression is good and I am satisfied with it.
All the shed needs now is it's door fitting with hinges and lock and painting faded blue and a window frame and glazing fitted.

I'm still trying to work out how to represent netting so that I can produce lobster/crab pots as I need a fair few of those.
I might have a bash at a rusty old winch next.

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