Friday, 9 January 2015

Numbers, statistics and damned...

Many of us have blogs these days, but how many of us check the stats facility?
I had a quick click around today and found that the page vies were at 47,000 odd.

Now that surprises me in itself, but what alarms me is why anyone from China, Taiwan and the Ukraine would have any interest in my blog and it's a considerable number.  Are these the places from whence comes all the spam I receive?

I suppose we can't help who looks, but I'd wager they ain't model enthusiasts!


  1. Damn, I've done it again and deleted mark's comment rather than "Publish", but here it is copied from the e-mail:-

    Mark has left a new comment on your post "Numbers, statistics and damned...":

    Yeah those stats aren't particularly reliable. I think the idea behind the spam visits is to get the referring URL into logs that people then click on, or that search engines then associate with the blog. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it as a blog owner.

  2. Thanks, Mark. Id be sure you were right if understood what you meant!

  3. Reading it back it wasn't a particularly clear description, was it.

    These two links are probably give you all the info you would ever want/need on the subject:

  4. Thanks for the links, Mark, but I still can't follow it. I tend to know only as much about computers as I need to operate it.
    I have followers I've never heard of or from, too. Sometimes 27, sometimes as now, 26. That was the first time I've ever clicked on stats. I won't bother again as it doesn't matter to me.