Friday, 9 January 2015

Current projects...

People often ask me what I'm working on at present.  It's always more than one thing because I like a bit of variety.
The main thing on the bench, on and off, thanks to the time it takes PVA wood glue to set is this narrow boat.  It's for a chap I usually do rally cars for.  But it's a gift for his friend who is having this boat made for himself and his wife.
This is the basic framework in the process of being planed to shape, ready for the main panels.
Rough as a rugby player's arse so far, but I don't waste time making invisible parts pretty.  It'll be beautiful when it's done.

Then there's the Pilatus PC12 master.  Fuselage halves being engraved and filled.

Wings having flap fairings added.  More filling!

And finally, the two last slot cars for a very good customer, but there really isn't any money in making and super-detailing kits, even if I did make the masters.  At least these two (H-16 BRM and Ferrari 801) have proprietary chassis that fit well.

And this miniature is where it all gets done, except for the lathe in the shed.  Just too damned cold over the shed.


  1. All this work on your bench looks fascinating - and very clever...I'm lucky my workshop is in the place where we live, so it's cosy....but also a bit too handy for friends to drop in and chat to me. My brother has a man shed, up in the wild fastnesses of Sutherland...he has a wind power generator and solar panels on the roof so he's toasty...perhaps that is something you could do for your shed, there must be plenty of breeze on those fens?

  2. Thanks, Iain. I'm slowly getting over the "block" I was suffering and getting these finished. The roof is now on the boat and the suspension detail on the H-16 and now I must pick up the grandchildren from school! I think wind gennies are for the hard up farmers round here. There's a big one going up in the next field now and more than enough wind to drive it currently, but something I could afford.