Sunday, 18 January 2015

At last, a base!...

Indeed, at last. Clearing the storage caravan, I found a piece of wood the right size to get the garage and workshop on their own base.
It is high time.

Now, I'm not one for huge amounts of acute planning. I always have a good idea of what I want in my head anyway and after 20 odd years I ought to have an idea, didn't I?

So, with a clamp holding the smooth surface down with some white glue (I waste nothing!) I scribbled the details on the Melamine surface.  Passing the garage this morning, I noted the different surfaces involved.  They're mainly hard packed gravel in front of the workshop, going to ridged concrete in front of the office, where the pumps were.  There is also a brick built planter in front of the office and there used to be a panel fence of sorts to the toilet side of the office.  Then grass to a low wall.  In the early days there was a big Nissen hut built there which was the local Caff, called the Shack. Alas I have no space for that and few photos.
These two buildings are the extent of the diorama.

Behind the buildings the Well Creek is but a few feet away and indeed boats have often tied up for provisions.  The undergrowth is a bit wild there though, these days and will be shown as such.  I ripped through the board edge with a hand held circular saw set at its biggest angle, after this shot.  As you can see, the rear wall of the office is not helped by undergrowth and a broken gutter.  This was modelled on the building about 25 years ago!  I can't even get round there now!

I had a play with cracked paint techniques a while back and these are the buff coloured folding doors and the grey pair that go in the two workshop entrances.

The base will have layers of 1mm Foamex stuck down to represent the different finishes.
And that'll be about it for this weekend as the sun is starting to leave what has been a glorious bright if chilly day.

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