Wednesday, 28 January 2015

L'ordinaire deaux...

As promised, a bit more ordinary stuff seen locally.  And once again, these buildings fanning out to the road have not been touched since I've lived here.
No mystery with this group as they were originally a nursery and embryonic farm market.

This, I think, was the shop
This is interesting in as much as the brick piers are fashioned from bullnosed bricks, something that I wouldn't expect to see on a simple rustic building.  Good old Critall steel window frames.

Then there's just a garage-like building in the centre

And finally a more interesting, bigger 2 story building of, I would venture, greater age than the other two.
I love the add-on at the end, but the top loading door and the piece of railway rail buried in this end wall must have a story.

The whole site is only about 100 feet square.
It would suit old cars much better than flowers.


  1. "Odds goes Urbex"! Fascinating photographs and it looks like a fun explore.

  2. I use the time between picking up one grandchild and then getting the other one an hour later.
    Chris used to buy vegges there many years ago.
    What's Urbex, Iain?

  3. Urbex is generally meant as Urban Exploration, the exploration of abandoned spaces, but has since been taken to mean the exploration of any desolate, derelict site, not just in the urban environment. Sites like "28 days later" and "Subterranea Britannica" specialise in that sort of thing or here-

  4. Thanks, Iain. Looks like I have something to look at later.
    I take these pics mainly as a record of what would make interesting models. Might as well share. I discovered today that the "garage" is actually way longer than any garage.